Child Sponsorship


Only a few kilometers from bustling downtown Nairobi, Mathare Valley is one of the world's largest slums. Over a million people live in an area the size of an amusement park. Whole families, single-parent families and orphans populate Mathare Valley, often sharing a single room. Jobs are scarce, food is expensive, and disease runs rampant due to the lack of basic sanitation.


Generations Christian Church partners with Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMFI) and Missions of Hope International to bring light to the darkness, food to the hungry, education to children, job skills to parents, and hope to the hopeless. 


GCC has "adopted" the Mathare Valley slum to offer a future for children through child sponsorship. People from our congregation sponsor elementary children for about a dollar a day or secondary school children for about two dollars a day. Sponsored children receive an education, food, clothing, medical care, and books in the name of Christ.

If you are willing to sponsor a child please click on the link below to get started. Select the gender and age you would like to sponsor. Make sure to select Kenya as the country and Mathare North as the community.

Sponsor a Child - Kenya