Generations Christian Church

Family Dedication Commitment

"I will commit myself to raising this child to know the Lord Jesus Christ by loving, disciplining, training, and setting a positive Christ-like example."

Do you acknowledge that your child was created by God and entrusted in your care to be raised for Him and in His ways?

Do you commit to put your own personal relationship with God as the #1 priority in your life and recognize that your child is most likely to follow what is modeled by you?

Do you commit to the strength and growth of your marriage relationship (married parents) so that you can provide the best stable and loving environment for your child?

Do you commit to God to be the spiritual leader of your home by showing Christ like character, using the Bible as your guidebook, and being a parent of prayer?

Do you dedicate yourselves above all other things to leave a lasting legacy of faith in the heart of your child?

Click here to download a copy of GCC's Family Dedication Commitment