As news reports from across the country continue to dominate the news cycle, we become too accustom to a growing familiar narrative. Another young person has become so overcome with pain they don't understand nor have the tools to process, that they turn to violence. The places that we count on to be nurturing, safe environments become unsafe places. No parent, school administrator, youth pastor, or local police officer can personally guarantee that we won't find ourselves in the latest spotlight of tragedy. 

That's why this event is so important... 

As fear grows in our country, we are faced with decisions as a community. While we can't make the difference alone, as one proactive community, we can take a step in listening, learning, and making pathways that lead to change. We are hopeful and sincerely excited to host a Forum for Change at Generations Christian Church. Communication between key positions of service and authority in our community may not insure we never face violence on our school grounds, but it is foundational to finding those answers and starting conversations. 

The Forum for Change is a community wide initiative to help identify others who are influential on the front lines to make critical observations and share information. Please join us and hear from our presenters and their vantage points as we stand responsible for the community we live in.


Moderator: News Anchor, Reginald Roundtree 

Panel: Lt. Troy Fergueson, Pasco Sheriff's Office; John Legg, former State Senator; Jordan Garcia, JW Mitchell Student Body President; Ben Ford, Generations Christian Church Associate Pastor and Student Ministry Team Leader; Jim Howard, Executive Director of Trinity Security Allies; Captain William Davis, Pasco Sheriff's Office; Amber Mariano, State Representative, District 36; Kurt Browning, Pasco County Superintendent of Schools.

This panel continues to develop.


Opening Remarks @ 6PM 

Panel Discussion @ 6:15-8:00PM 

Mix & Mingle @ 8:00PM