Generations Christian Church

Curriculum Library

The GCC GROW library has a wide variety of studies. Many studies are DVD-led with companion study guides; NEW studies are frequently added. To view options, click on the subject of studies you are interested in. If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Rigby at 727-375-8801, Ext 2244, or  New curriculums must be approved by the Associate Pastor, Phillip Holland, before being used in a GCC GROW Group. 

Below is a list of approved curriculum. Please contact Generations to check the availability of each resource. Some may need to be ordered and can take up to two weeks to come in, so please plan your study accordingly. 

Group Leader Guides                  Financial

Books of the Bible                       Jesus

Faith                                            Spiritual Gifts

Marriage Relationships               Spiritual Growth

Men of the Bible                          Christian Beliefs and Living

Women of the Bible                     Diet and Fasting

Parenting                                     Evangelism

Prayer                                          Men's Resources

Youth Resources                         Discipleship and Mentoring

Women's Resources

Leader Training (Audio Downloads)