HSM: High School Ministry | Grades 9-12

GCC High School Ministry is designed to meet teens right where they are and help them connect to Christ and his church. In addition to weekend worship and serve opportunities, the mid-week focus for high school students is groups -- connecting with peers for Bible study, fun and worship. 

Times & Locations

Trinity Programming Changes

Starting this fall at the Trinity Campus, we are choosing a ministry approach centered on home groups. Instead of meeting at the Student Axis on Wednesday nights, High School students will meet in home groups throughout the week. In these groups, students will have fun with friends, study the Bible, and grow in their faith.

Weekly Home Group Meetings 
Throughout the school year, High School home groups will meet weekly. Each group will choose a night of the week that works best for them. Groups will be of mixed gender and grade. Every home group will be hosted and led by a team of adult leaders. If your student has school commitments during the week, your student will now have the freedom to choose a group that meets on a night that works for them!

Monthly Events
Each month, all the groups will meet together for a unified worship service. This will typically be on the first Sunday evening of the month at the Trinity Campus. These nights will also include competitions between home groups, such as dodgeball, 9 square, volleyball, or capture the flag. The purpose of the monthly events will be to worship together and have fun.

For more info about small group times and locations, or to get connected to a small group, email us at: students@generationscc.com.

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Spring Hill Programming Changes

Starting this fall, HSM Spring Hill moves to 7PM for high-energy worship, age-directed teaching, crazy activities, and authentic small group times. Wednesday nights @ GCC are unforgettable experiences.

What: High School weekend retreat. Enjoy fun activities, worship, guest speakers, and small groups!
When: December 1-3, 2017 
Where: Lake Aurora Christian Camp 
Cost: $99 ($115 after October 15) 

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