Join Us In Israel!

November 10-20, 2019

Excerpt from Pastor Johnny's Blog, The Rabbi

"This is the place that God promised to the sons of Abraham. This is the most strategically placed country, not only in the days of the Old Testament; but the same is true even to this day. Israel is a land bridge between three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. Every empire eventually had to fight and win this connecting stretch of land between cultures and people. Rome conquered and held it during the time of Christ. The Ottoman Empire fought and won it for a season. Even Napoleon would march through on his way to Egypt. All of this history buzzed by right outside our windows as the van sped in and around traffic. Every dinner conversation we looked for new words to express our discovery that: "Truly, this is the center of our entire physical, literary and artistic world." Watching out the window the irony set in. We were searching for links to an ancient world that rejected the Son of God, and all of our world's advancement in technology, understanding, and knowledge would come to this place and wonder what a single day was like when the Rabbi came to town.

...If you want to really know the Rabbi, He isn’t hiding! If you would like to get your boots dirty and join Jen & I on an epic adventure, then we invite you to sign up for our November 10-20, 2019 Israel Trip."

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In Full: Pastor Johnny's Blog "The Rabbi"

Come With Us To Israel in 2019! from Generations Christian Church on Vimeo.