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Neighbor Postcard Tips

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about what to write to your neighbor that you may know well or perhaps have not had the opportunity to meet.

  • Find something in common, e.g. sports, kids, gardening, fishing, pets. 
  • Be honest and let them know that you never really got to know them but would like to change that now.
  • Offer a helping hand, e.g. feed their pet, get their mail, or watch their house when they are out of town.

It might look something like this...

  • Noticed your family loves to go fishing on the weekends.  We would love to get the families together and head to the pier early some morning.  I'll bring coffee.  Just let me know the next time that works for you!
  • I know that we've lived next door for a few years now.  I hate to admit this, but I have completely forgotten your name and feel horrible about that. Please stop me next time you see me.  I know we'll laugh at it one day.
  • Hey neighbor, if you ever are running late and need the dog to go out or are away on vacation...just let me know and I'd be happy to help.  OR, If you ever need someone to just watch over the house and put the mail in a safe spot till you get back from a weekend getaway, feel free to ask.

Ice Breaker Suggestions on how to BLESS your Neighbor


BRING AN UNEXPECTED GIFT. Showing up at a neighbor’s door with a plate of cookies, a pie or an offer to help will build a stronger neighborhood.

LEARN THEIR NAMES. Walking through your neighborhood will give you exercise, fresh air and the opportunity to meet neighbors, learn their names and pray for them.

ENJOY TIME IN THE FRONT YARD. Whether you are gardening or playing with the kids, hanging out in the front yard will make you accessible.

START A BOOK CLUB, GAME NIGHT, FOOTBALL PARTY OR PLAY DATE. Whether you plan a one-time event or organize an ongoing group, you’ll have fun and make friends with common interests.

SCHEDULE A BLOCK PARTY. Having neighbors bring food and lawn chairs will make it easier to organize a large event. Your neighbors will have a blast and thank you for making it happen!