Residency @ GCC

The GCC Residency Program is designed to raise up the next generation of ministry leaders, by equipping and empowering Christian leaders to do God's mighty work in today's culture. Residency @ GCC is not intended to stand alone, but to provide local church experience for ministry students that will complement their classroom education. 

GCC offers two types of Residencies: 

6-Month Term  
6-Month Term Residency is a six-month (one semester + summer) opportunity for upper-level undergraduate students to earn experience-based credit hours toward their degree program.

12-Month Term
12-Month Term Residency is a one-year program designed for recent college graduates or graduate students to gain post-graduate experience and development in their chosen field of ministry. 

GCC Residents have the opportunity to own and experience a full range of ministry opportunities in their chosen area of service (see options below) and be developed and mentored by seasoned local church leaders for a well-rounded experience.

Each Resident program will be custom designed to strengthen the Resident's natural talents and skills, develop the Resident's leadership acumen, provide opportunities for the Resident to fully engage on high-functioning teams and enhance the Resident's spiritual growth.

GCC offers Residencies in the following ministry areas: