Q. Tell me about Generations Christian Church.
A. Generations Christian Church is an independent, non-denominational, outreach-oriented megachurch located in one of the fastest growing communities of Tampa Bay. GCC is all about connecting people to Christ through intentional worship, grow and serve environments, multi-site campuses, and strategic local and global partnerships. Approximately 3,000 persons attend seven weekend services on two campuses.

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Q. Who is eligible to apply for GCC Residency?
A. GCC Residency is open to currently enrolled upper-level college students, recent college graduates and graduate students who feel called to vocational Christian ministry. Residents must profess faith in Christ, a commitment to his church, and agree with GCC values and beliefs.

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Q. Who will supervise my program?
A. Residents will have an assigned Residency Supervisor in their area of ministry to direct their program. For students seeking experience-based credit, the GCC Residency Director will work with the Resident's educational institution to help fulfill program requirements.

Q. Where will I live?
A. GCC will provide free housing for single Residents through GCC host homes.

Q. Can a married person be a GCC Resident?
A. Yes, but GCC does not provide housing for married Residents or for Residents with children.

Q. What is the cost of a GCC Residency?
A. There are no Residency fees at GCC. If you are seeking experience-based school credit, there may be tuition fees through your educational institution. GCC Residents are required to provide their own meals and health insurance.

Q. What about income?
A. There is no pay for GCC Residents, but opportunities for part-time employment will be available through GCC business partners. Residents may raise funds [support] through their own network of family and friends.

Q. Do I need a car?
A. Yes, Residents are responsible for their own transportation and auto insurance.

Q. Are there behavior standards for GCC Residents?
A. Yes, in the same manner as all GCC staff, the personal and public lives of GCC Residents are expected to align with Scriptural standards for sexual purity, lifestyle choices and fruit of the spirit character qualities that define relational behaviors.

Q. What is the next step?
A. Contact Christie Lauscher with questions (727.375.8801).

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