Exciting News

Dear Friends at Generations,

I’m excited to announce a huge step we’ve taken here at Generations. Back in April, I announced that we were starting on what we anticipated would be a long journey of researching and interviewing pastors from near and far. We assumed it would take time to find the right person God wanted to lead the church here at Generations.

We prayed for a man who would fit our DNA, lead the Lord’s Church, and love everyone here at GCC. We prayed that God would lead us to the right person and lead the right person to us. As you’ve heard – and maybe even said – God’s timing is never the same as our timing. In fact, God’s timing is always perfect. We had no idea he would bring us the right candidate so quickly.

God brought a number of qualified candidates from the very start, but one shined in a way that only God’s light can provide, and we knew it was right to get to know him better. Over the past few months, our transition team, the Elders, the Lead Team and the Staff have spent many hours in prayer over this process and this decision.

This weekend at GCC we announced that Johnny Scott has been hired as the new Lead Pastor of Generations Christian Church. Many of you heard Johnny kick off our “Afterlife” series the first weekend of August. Johnny’s energy, passion, emotion, and commitment to Christ spoke to us in powerful ways.

During the transition, Johnny and I will work side-by-side in many aspects of GCC leadership and preaching. Eventually, I will take on a different role at GCC as I ease into the next chapter of my life but I will continue serving in ways that support Johnny and GCC.

I am so excited the Lord has answered our prayers. I pray that you will embrace Johnny and Jen and love them as you have loved Becky, me, and our family over the last 15 years. Please join me in prayer over the Scott family during this transition and rejoice with me at the marvelous way God has provided for us.

I have been blessed over and over again by the leaders and the people here at GCC. I love you all so very much. You are the best and my heart is filled with gratitude and excitement for the future of Generations. I am personally looking forward to riding my motorcycle, hanging out with my family and friends, and serving God as he opens doors for me here at GCC and around the world. I sincerely believe, my friends, the best is yet to come!

In His grip,

The Future of Generations